The Book
Launch Party

WE had a virtual book launch party and celebrated together this special occasion!!! When I sat down to design it, once I had let go of the ideas I had envisioned for my physical launch party, and you know me, the in-person hugs and smiles, I came at it from a place of gratitude, business and love, and it started coming together.

The party design started with you: yes, your name came to mind and as my guest list came together, I saw my virtual launch party unfold in front of my eyes. I’ve said it before: I did not accomplish this alone. You were one of my special guests, personally invited to my exclusive and intimate event, and I was thrilled to ‘see’ you.

I am still beaming: the party exceeded my expectations; not only was it everything I wanted it to be, but it was MORE. You made it special. And the following people, who are also special to me like you, helped me make it special for all of us:

Thank YOU, yes you, for having made the time to attend my Lead Beyond The Edge book launch party!!!

Viv, Sam, Tom from SongDivision, thank YOU for having joined us to unite us around the book launch party using the science of music!!!

Andrew, thank YOU for adding another surprise element and enabling me to gift a special memento to every special guest at the party!!!

Owen, thank YOU for being my special speaker: your words deeply touched me, and I’m incredibly honoured for what you did for me at the party!!!

🎁 Your surprise gift will be ready from mid May, and I will personally reach out to you then to gift it to you. For now, another gift 📩 An invite to attend a very special showcase (we have not even started inviting people to it yet: you are the very first people to get access to this complimentary event registration!). Register here to attend The Science of Music Showcase, an exclusive collaboration between SongDivision and I.

Last but not least, thank YOU for your support; thank you for your messages; thank you for submitting your book reviews on Amazon (please keep them coming); thank you for your social media shares and buzz (please keep them coming too); thank you for your orders and your bulk orders (please reach out if you want to discuss bulk discount orders): I will be signing, personalizing and shipping your copies over the next few days/weeks: it means a lot to me that not only you ordered copies for yourself but you wanted to share with your team and organization too.

Let’s lead beyond the edge, and accomplish extraordinary results!

The Publication
Book Date

March 30th, 2021 marks the publication date of my Lead Beyond The Edge book, which means that as of now, the book has officially hit the shelves all around the world. I could not be more excited, and I’m THRILLED that you are here getting ready to join our book launch party!!! 

This journey was not accomplished alone, and if you are reading this right now, this means that you, yes you, received a personal invitation from me to you as one of my special guests: this is not an open event, and each and every one of you has been invited as we have a special connection, which I cherish.

This is a 1h exclusive and intimate event, and I cannot wait to welcome you online and celebrate with you this special occasion. I’ve designed the launch party to be celebratory, valuable and fun. And, of course, you know me, there will be surprises too! You will find below everything you need to attend, as well as to share and to read, joining me in the buzz and excitement.


To Attend


Your Zoom Link

Please feel free to join as early as 15min before the start of the event as a surprise will be waiting for you and we will kick-off right on the hour.


Your Custom Background

Download here

Yes, we are all spread around the world and I know we will have the feel we are all together at the party, and this will help us with the look.


Be Ready to Toast

It is a party after all, and we do have something to celebrate, so have your breakfast / lunch / dinner drink ready.

To Share

Today is a special day, and I’d LOVE your help with spreading the news. Indeed, today is the ideal day to create as much buzz as possible. I’ve poured my heart and brain into this book, and my number one priority is for it to reach as many brains as possible.

Here are 3 graphics you can use on your social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest…) to spread the word. Tag me and use #LeadBeyondTheEdge so I can see it in a search, thank you and amplify your posts: thank YOU for your support!


Graphic A


Graphic B


Graphic C

To Read


Get Your Signed Copy

Some of you have asked me how to order your signed copy and I thought I’d add a note on here to let you know: click on the “Order Now!” button right at the top of this page and you’ll be able to do so. I want to say to those of you, who have already ordered your copy, please know how SO VERY special to me it was to sign and personalize them  all of them are on their way to you. 


Get Your Kindle Copy

The publisher is running an incredible special just for today and has discounted the Kindle book price to $€£ 0.99. So, if you rather have or would like to also get an electronic copy, so you can read it on your tablet too, today is the day to get the deal. Plus, should you then review the book, your review will be ‘verified’.

Your Amazon Review

Have you already read the book? If so, I’m very appreciative of you supporting the launch of Lead Beyond the Edge, and would love it if you’d like to help others find out about the book by posting your thoughts on a review on Amazon: thank you.

First surprise reveal is the wonderful collaboration with SongDivision that are supporting the book launch event: I cannot wait for you to meet the incredible team as they joined us to unite around the book launch party using the science of music!!!

This is not going to be a one-way event 😉 One of the ways, you and I will engage at the event, is by having an Ask The Author Fire Chat segment! Please feel free to send in your question, and I’ll answer as many as possible live with you:

3 + 11 =

Cannot Wait
To ‘See’ You!

Who? You and I, plus special guests!!! 

When? 30th of March, 2021 

Time? 9-10am PDT / Noon-1pm EDT / 5-6pm IST / 6-7pm CEST / 8-9pm GST 

What? An inspiring event with live chat and Q&A, behind-the-scenes book adventure stories, surprises, and more…! 








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